Arina & Dennis

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Dear Margo! 

I miss so much those pleasant wedding preparation errands. Everything was so great  from our first conversation to the very event. 

You’re such a great professional! I don’t remember if I did a compliment to your responsibility and complete order in business. The wedding coordination turned out even more complicated because of the storm and our boat trip program, but you managed it so smoothly. 

We liked everything so much that it's difficult to choose words to reflect the magic that happened. Everything at us has turned out terrific and even much better than we expected! Everybody liked absolutely every part, and now we have topics to talk about for years ahead, as well as warmest memories. Can’t wait to see photos and film from the wedding, to get at least a better look at it, otherwise I have a pile of flashes of beauty in my head. 

Thank you sooo much from us and our families! I hope you will have pleasant memories about us too and at some point we’ll meet for a dinner together :) 

I wish you only the nicest customers and the most magnificent weddings! Brag about them more often in instagram, as it’s a pure happiness! 

Oh, if I knew Italian, I would have asked you to hire me as an assistant :)))) 

Thank you again from all of us!


Maria & illia


Организуя собственную свадьбу все мы ждем чего-то совершенного: идеального образа жениха и невесты, неповторимой атмосферы праздника, чудесных снимков, восторженных взглядов близких и друзей и много чего еще сказочного, индивидуального и очень личного.

В предвкушении чего-то подобного мы задумались об организации нашей свадьбы. На реализацию заветной мечты было чрезвычайно мало времени, но она непременно должна была сбыться. И мы повстречали Веронику — профессионала высочайшего уровня, которой удалось все осуществить.

Помимо прекрасных организаторских качеств, дипломатичности, оперативности и невероятной работоспособности просто нельзя не отметить умение предугадывать пожелания и тонко чувствовать вкусовые предпочтения людей, с которыми работает Вероника. Именно благодаря данным личным качествам Вероники и ее профессиональной команде воплощение мечты оказалось лучше самой мечты!


Aika & Vadik

Aika Vadim July 24 2016 Florence Italy-Shooting-0015.jpg

Dear girls, we wanted to thank you for taking care about all the details of our amazing wedding! 

Our guests saying it was the most beautiful wedding they’ve ever been to! Indeed, we had so much fun ourselves. :) Our wedding was everything we could have ever wanted. Flowers, music band, location, menu - everything was perfect. 

You were so patient with us and professional, trying to make all our crazy ideas come true. 

We wouldn’t have done this day without your guidance, experience and fantastic team. 

Thank you for being caring and responsive, you were always there for us. You have a sparkle and we are so happy we’ve met the best wedding planner one could ever hope for.


Maria & Alex

Alex Maria September 16 2017 Taormina Italy-BEST-0069.jpg

I knew it was the most important part of the wedding preparations - to pick the right planner. 

We needed someone who will talk to us as a friend, not only professional. We interviewed a lot of planners before choosing Margarita. 

She was amazing! Woman of a fine taste, with a network of the best vendors and knowledgeable about locations and their advantages and disadvantages, she helped us to prepare a best day of our lives in every little detail. She understood everything we wanted and efficiently dealt with unruly vendors whenever necessary.

You went far and beyond for our wedding and it was perfect. It's a lot of work, we appreciate the work. We will be coming back to celebrate our anniversary and hope to see you then. 

Thank you so so much for helping us to create our perfect day!


Diana & Alexandr

D & A-1628.jpg

«Бывают ли сказки наяву? Теперь мы точно можем ответить: «Да!» Наши «зефирные» мечты превратились в красивую реальность! Если свадьба, то Италия! Если Италия, то озеро Комо и легендарная Villa Balbianello — решили мы. Когда впервые задумываешься о подготовке к свадьбе, представляешь себе легкое и интересное времяпрепровождение за подготовкой сценария всего мероприятия. И это действительно так — если тебе повезло с организатором. И нам очень повезло!

Всем, у кого самый важный день еще впереди, хотим посоветовать прислушиваться к организатору мероприятия, ведь это профессионал, который предугадает ваши желания еще до того, как вы их озвучите, и предложит лучшие варианты. И тогда ваша собственная сказка обязательно станет явью!

Наши девочки стали больше, чем организаторы нашей свадьбы. Они уже часть нашей семьи и всех наших праздников».


Hanna & Pashu


Margo and her team was an absolute delight to work with.

She was super organised with keeping the timeline and suppliers on schedule, and me of course!

It was a tricky logistical exercise having a wedding in Capri, but Margo was all over it and organised everyone and everything we needed, in addition to having all sorts of other cool ideas to add to the day.

The vendors and locations she works with are fantastic .


Kate & Illia


Veronika and Event Concept team were a real mobile 5 star hotel.

They could organise our perfect wedding in Villa Balbianello for us in less than two month. Moreover, we’ve got all the best wedding professionals we’ve always wanted for our wedding with their support and connections.

Photos and videos are just marvelous. Guests were surprised with the level of service at all times: starting from the meeting at the airport, and finishing with an infinite supply of those things for hills that allows you to walk on the grass easily. They are still complimenting us everytime we meet for a great choice of location and “those planning girls, who had everything!”.

The wedding day went flawless, as well as the planning process. I admit I was a bit stressed given the timings, but Veronika could always find the right word for me. Always calming and ingenious, in this blonde head of hers so many wonderful ideas!

We are so grateful for your care about us and our guests… Sounds simple but you’ve made our dream com true, thank you for that!